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Hey everyone! Just wanted to post regarding membership requests. I have so many pending right now, so if any of your friends or even your other journals are waiting (and have been waiting for a while), don't stress, don't send another request, just be patient. I'm getting to them. I've just been so busy with school and work, but I'm still here, still monitoring posts, and posting your reports. So feel free to contact me if need be (not regarding membership though, please, because that's starting to drive me crazy... all of your questions are answered here, in my journal, or on our community info page). THANKS! :)
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Heyyy. I just joined recently due to some suspicious dealings with a certain seller. It's too late now to get my money back I believe but I want to know if anybody has had any dealings with fakecyborggod, email address is

Heres what happened, I bought a the pair of cyber arm warmers for $20 from her and I sent her a check forgetting her strict cash/money order only issue. She emails me back saying she recieved the check but won't accept it. So I say fine, and mail her out the cash and request that she mail the check with the armwarmers when she gets the cash. I sent her the money almost exactly two weeks ago and she lives in Nebraska and I, In NYC. So.. We all know regular mail does NOT take that long to get not even cross country in the US. I'm becoming suspicious to say the least, She doesn't answer lj comments and what I noticed is that there were comments WHEN I went to buy the arm warmers around early March that had offers for other things of hers and some say "I'll send payment later" or had various offers of payment etheir sent or soon to be sent and none of the things went off the page. Now etheir they all were deadbeats or she scammed them because recently.. She deleted all of those comments. Seems strange to me. I just sent her another email because she was supposed to send me an email when she got the money and I'm kinda pissed and I just want to etheir get my money back or the arm warmers.

Soo.. Any advice or info on her?

Thanks alot. :x
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yet ANOTHER plasticbarbie post.

I have xxteenxheatxx banned in buy_sell_trade and I wasn't sure why (b/c I recently have become more active in the community about moderating), and asked Sundra why she had banned that user, and she informed me that someone found out it was plasticbarbie89. She uses the email jadoreix..something or other like another username she had banned.

So, if you want to check that out, you could add xxteenxheatxx and xohshiitx to the bad list. You'll have to read in the link to laundro I left in my last post to find out about xohshiitx b/c she uses an email that I don't recognize. They found out it was her b/c she used a picture that she had also posted in her selling journal. That's all I know about that.

She doesn't seem to be having very many sales lately in her journal, I've been checking. The only new comments she has are bitching at her about being a scammer, and she hasn't deleted them. Maybe she will close plasticbarbie89 down for good? I sure hope so! I doubt it though, b/c she is always making new names on here, and to hide what she's done. But she always leaves a trail and gets found out.

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It has come to my attention that xohshiitx is the scammer plasticbarbie89. I read on that she was at it again so I thought I'd warn everyone!

If you have, you can read the topic here:

Basically she posted the same picture she used on her plasticbarbie account on her xxohshiitx account. I have banned her from joining/posting in my selling community: buy_sell_trade. Spread the word so no one else gets scammed!